Everything a Business Needs to Know About Software As A Service

Before you get to know how SAAS works, having a clear understanding of what SAAS actually is will help you in getting the better and clear understanding of this service. Software as a service is a service making an application accessible to clients via the internet. This application is installed on and accessible from a centralized cloud. In Software As A Service, there is an end client in need of a software and there is a service provider making that software accessible through web-powered devices.

The client needs not to meet any software and hardware requirements for using that software as the software is not installed on the client’s machine. As the software is not installed on your machine, you need not to worry about updating the software. There is no headache of software and hardware administration. Google is providing cloud-based Software As A Service.

How SAAS Works?

The software is installed on the machine of the SAAS provider. The client simply requests for the software. The service provider takes care of the security, execution and accessibility. For example, if you are running a shipping and logistics company, you will need a software solution to keep the record of your fleet, drivers, clients and shipments. Apart from that, you also expect that software solution to provide you with a facility to get real-time information of all trucks carrying goods from one place to another. There is an SAAS provider offering special purpose cloud-based fleet management software. It has all the features you want. The service provider is making these features available to you in the form of a plan. You can subscribe for a basic plan and avail some limited features such as fleet management but no real-time tracking. In order use feature of real-time tracking, you need to upgrade the plan to the Premier plan. You can anytime upgrade or downgrade the plan.

How SaaS Works

You will create an account with a service provider, subscribe for a plan and then you can simply log in and use these services. The client simply needs a web-powered device and a reliable internet connection. The client can use the services anytime and anywhere.

How Software As A Service can be beneficial for a business?

It Is A Multitenant Architecture      

Anyone with the username and password can access the Software As A Service. You are a team of 5 and all 5 are working from different locations. Simply log in and use services.

It can be customized

Different clients have different business needs. It makes no sense wasting money on features you are not using. Software As A Service provider offers you different plans. Buy the one that can accommodate your business needs.

It is easy to use

A cloud-based fleet management system is developed with the business practices of a shipping and logistics business in mind. You, the client need no special training for using this cloud-based fleet management system.

There is no initial set up cost

The client simply has to subscribe for a plan. There is no initial set up cost involved.

There is no hardware cost

You need no additional hardware to access these features.

You will pay according to usage

A small business needs limited features only. For small a business, the basic plan is enough. And, a bigger business can purchase the premier subscription to get the features it needs.

It is scalable

In case your business needs some additional services, you can request the service provider to provide those services. You need not to upgrade or install any additional software or hardware for that.

It is easy to update

Once again, you are not going to invest in any software or hardware to update. It is actually the job of the Software As A Service provider to update the software. Features are always accessible even when the service provider is updating the software.

It offers ubiquity

The client can access services anytime and anywhere. It takes only a computer and an internet connection to use services.

cloud based Services

Cloud-based services are useful for every business no matter whether it is a small, medium-sized or a bigger one. Making services accessible at any time and at any location plus its affordability make Software As A Service ideal for businesses.

What is SAAS? What Are the Benefits of SAAS?

You have heard someone singing praises of software as a service and it has sparked your interest in this technology. Now you certainly want to know how this cloud-based Software As A Service can be beneficial for your business especially in terms of performance, data safety and money.

What is SaaS

What is SAAS?

Software As A Service is an internet based software distribution model. In this model, there is a software provider who develops, hosts and distributes a software product. The Software As A Service provider then makes software available to clients through the internet. It is a pay-as-you-go basis model.

SAAS endows you with the ability to manage your workflow anytime and from any part of the world. Traditionally, businesses have been buying software licenses and installing software products on the local machines in their own spaces. The responsibilities of licensing, installation, upgradation and support fall on the shoulders of the Software As A Service provider. You, the client simply has to purchase a plan and use the features provided to you. There are different SAAS solutions for different needs of a business such as marketing, collaboration, customer services, human resource management and a lot more. Some of the most popular SAAS solutions include:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Apps
  • Dropbox
  • Slack
  • Salesforce
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Citrix GoToMeeting

Key differences between Traditional Software and SAAS

In the case of traditional software products, you purchase a license and install the software on your computer. The license is usually only for one or a few computers. And, you will have to update the software product.

On the other hand, in the case of SAAS, you subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan which might be a basic plan, plus plan or a premier plan. You are charged when you buy, renew or upgrade your subscription. Bulk licensing is easy. You can access services on multiple devices with a single login.

What are the benefits of SAAS?

No hardware cost

If you have read the documentation of any software you have purchased, there are some software and hardware requirements. And, if you don’t meet these requirements, you will either have to invest in the required software and hardware or you will have to find some other software. All the processing power you need is provided by the cloud services provider. Apart from the subscription cost, you will have to incur no additional cost.


One good day you recognize that now it is time to expand your business. It is great that your business is growing. However, you will need more processing power, more storage and more data security. Your Software As A Service provider will scale up the power and storage you need to accommodate your increasing business needs. You can upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan anytime you want.


You are working in the office, just log in. You want to work from home, just log in. You are on a business trip or you are on a family vacation, just enter your username and password and you are good to go.